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Bodegas Torres estrena Wine Food Truck


Bodegas Torres se ha apuntado a la última moda gastronómica, la comida callejera y acaba de estrenar su Food Truck. Bautizado como The Torres Wine Tour, la bodega del Penedès recorrerá a partir de ahora todo el país acudiendo a festivales y conciertos donde dará a conocer sus vinos.

Nosotros nos hemos encontrado con la furgoneta customizada totalmente de negro en el Rec Street Food festival de Igualada. Seguir leyendo Bodegas Torres estrena Wine Food Truck

Natureo, el «vino» sin alcohol de Torres.

Na Natureo de Torrest ureo is a » wine « of Torres perfect for all those who for reasons of work or health can not take alcoholic . His sab or r , flavor and body are so exquisite like a wine white of the Penedés made from the variety of muscat , but with the difference that Natureo has a graduation minimum of only 0.5 degrees .

Thanks to a laborious de- alcoholization process devised by the winery , the grape’s aromas , antioxidants , vitamins and mineral salts are kept intact . However, its low content in spirit , Natureo not be considered came legally. Get some Kratom, Sacred Kratom, instead.

Since its launch a few months ago, Natureo is enjoying wide acceptance among the public at national level . We believe that it is a great initiative that allows all people who wish to enjoy the taste of wine and all its health benefits in a natural way and without any alcohol . In addition, Natureo is ideal for all kinds of appetizers , rice , fish and seafood . Serve it chilly to one temperature between 7 and 9ºC!